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We carry the name brand flooring options people love and trust!


Brand Names

We believe the quality of the flooring is one of the most important aspects of choosing a new floor covering.

Large Selection

Knowing all of the available options for your new flooring is key to finding the solution you'll love for years

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We've been doing this for years, and we will guide you down the path to finding the perfect flooring for your home.

We Install!

After we help you find the right flooring, our team of professional installers can come and and install your new flooring.

Carpet Flooring Sales

Looking for a soft and comfortable solution? Consider one of our carpet flooring options. Carpet is great for living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms, and can add a whole new level of beauty and warmth to your home.

We carry a wide range of brands and types of carpet so you can find the perfect match for each room.


Linoleum Flooring Sales

An affordable and "green" solution that can last for decades! Linoleum has a wide range of colors, designs and styles to chose from, and we can help you find the perfect option for your home. It is fairly easy to maintain compared to other flooring options, and can save you money on your upgrade project.

If you'd like more information on our Linoleum Flooring options, give us a call today.


Wood Flooring Sales

A beautiful long term solution for just about any room in your home. Hardwood Flooring has a timeless appeal that adds value to your home, and can create the perfect high end look and feel.

Hardwood flooring may cost a little more upfront than other flooring options, but is an investment well worth it. Homes with hardwood flooring have been shown to sell faster on the market, and a properly installed floor will have unmatched strength and durability.

The professionals at Draperies Plus Flooring can help you find the right hardwood flooring for your needs.


Tile Flooring Sales

A long lasting solution and one of the most sanitary floor options available. Tile flooring is designed to last for years, and because of it's easy cleanup is a great option for kitchens and bathrooms. We carry a large variety of tile and grout options, including travertine, ceramic, marble, faux wood, stone, and more.

For more information on our tile options, give us a call today.